What is Zegbook?

Zegbook is the platform where you can buy preowned books and sell the same once you are done with them. We will occasionally offer new books if the availability of certain preowned books is scarce, but with the attractive buyback guaranteed.

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Our Vision

Do you know, paper is responsible for almost 75% of the publishing industry’s carbon footprint, coupled with the 153 billion gallons of water guzzled by paper mills to produce books and newspapers annually; we can’t stop the manufacturing of books but surely decrease its production by reusing the old ones and saving the environment.

Furthermore, in printing each page of our paperbacks and hardcovers, ink emissions amount to 1% per printed product, releasing toxins such as toluene and xylene into the water and air around us. The presence of such volatile compounds in the atmosphere has increased the risk for asthma attacks in a survey done amongst Americans. Altogether, the large amounts of solid waste and gas emissions such as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide particles further exacerbate problems like smog and the respiratory problems that arise from such.