Oswaal CBSE One for All Class 9 Social Science (Reduced Syllabus) (For 2021 Exam)

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  • Author: Oswaal Editorial Board
  • Edition: 21 Sep 2020
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Oswaal Books latest offering ONE for ALL is going to break down the actual studying strategies for success and empower the students with the 5 E’s of Learning-• Engage- Introduce interesting content enabling better assimilation of concepts• Explore- Provide meaningful insights into various typologies and methodologies for effective exam preparation• Explain- Give better clarification for concepts and theories• Elaborate- Complement studying with ample examples and Oswaal exam tools• Evaluate- Conclude with Effective self-assessment toolsOswaal ONE for ALL, as the name suggests is a Complete Toolkit for Excellence. It recognizes the need of students to not only get exam oriented study material for success but also to save time and energy by having all the content in one place, in one book!! As per the Latest National Education Policy 2020, the currently prevalent rigid boundaries of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment have been moved away from solely rote learning of facts towards more imaginative and flexible curricular structures .Oswaal ONE for ALL is developed keeping this paradigm shift in mind. Revision Notes, Mind Maps, Grammar Charts, Previous Years’ Board Questions, NCERT Questions, NCERT Exemplar Questions (in Maths & Science), Questions from Deeksha & Questions for Olympiad & NTSE preparation, all put together make Oswaal ONE for ALL a Trusted Examination Companion for every student.


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